Kritomobile offers a variety of benefits to its different users:

  • Centralization of vehicles, allowing you to have a perfect view of the cars at your disposal.
  • Easy management: Kritomobile is an effective tool for decision-making. It supports you in all operations related to the management of your rental fleet, ranging from maintenance to rental rates per vehicle, the profitability per vehicle, per customer and per period.
  • Great accessibility: Since all information is managed on a server, you can access it anywhere from your computer or smartphone.
  • Real-time monitoring of the activity: Kritomobile indicates taken, booked as well as available vehicles. The information is automatically updated on the server for better responsiveness.
  • Data security: Thanks to a login / password system, you can be sure that your data is accessible only by managers in your agency.
  • Data preservation: In case of hardware damage that could result in the loss of your information, it will be kept safely on the server.